Tap water, quality water

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Drinking water of the highest quality

The World Health Organization and the European Union define safe drinking water as water that a person can drink every day for their whole life without any risk to their health.


To set the quality required of tap water, the European Union, following the WHO guidelines, determines the limits for components present in water, including pathogenic microorganisms and toxins, although many of these are harmless to the human body (some are even beneficial), whilst other are only harmful when present in large amounts.

The water supplied through the Beniel network has a medium to low saline content. It can be categorised as calcium bicarbonate water. Average hardness values are 40-50 mg/L.

Our water has easily passed health authority controls, thanks to the application of state-of-the-art drinking water treatments and effective, continuous quality control of the water supply.

The people responsible for tap water quality are:

  • The Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs
  • The health authorities of the autonomous communities
  • The town councils
  • The supply companies
  • Each owner of the indoor installations in their property